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Casino Promotions

Since 2000, Promotion Outfitters has been providing casino promotions packages, supplies and consulting to a wide range of casinos. Over the past 15 years our clients have seen an average increase in play of over 27% while reducing monthly marketing expenses.

Casino Promotion Packages

Have a hole in your promotion schedule?  We can deliver a custom casino promotion that will deliver great results and will be easy for your staff to run.  We have run several hundred promotions in casinos of every size and location.  We have seen what works and what doesn’t, what runs smoothly, and what players go crazy for.

Custom Promotion Props

One of the most enjoyable things we get to do is to create custom promotional support props.  We have made custom giant racing plinko boards, larger than life (25’ x 25’) board games and life size try a key to win a car displays.  Whatever your theme is, we can work with you to create the perfect, “Wow!” inducing prop that is guaranteed to generate a flood of word of mouth advertising and social media visibility.

Promotions Workshops

Would you like your promotions to make obvious and consistent increases to your bottom line?  Over the past 20 years we have created hundreds of promotions and have seen the results.  Your marketing department can benefit from our experience by learning the five keys to running reliably profitable promotions.  During this workshop we don’t just preach the five keys, we work with your staff to build a 3-12 month promotion schedule that will create continuous growth in your gaming revenues.  Workshops are available in Tucson Arizona or at your casino’s location.

Casino Services

Promoting What?

There is only one reason to run a promotion: Increase profits.  Spending planning time, budget and employee services to run a promotion should generate an expected return on investment while providing guests with an enhanced experience.  Detailed tracking over the years has shown that when casinos work with us, increased profits are reliably realized.


When your team brings us into the mix, fun things happen!  Fun promotions attract more visits, create a more entertaining experience for guests and most importantly increase profits.   Whether we provide a promotion, supply an amazing prop or train your promotions department on the keys to creating fun and effective promotions, your guests will love the results.


Fun and effective promotion creation, execution and participation is simple when you follow five easy keys.  This road map consistently delivers faster, more reliable results when used by a promotions team.  It’s easy to learn and execute, we would be happy to train the team at your casino.

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